Why is AliExpress so cheap?

Why is AliExpress so cheap? A question I get asked many times. In this blog, we will give you the answer to this question and you will find out exactly what makes up the cost price of a product. It is very interesting to learn about the components the price is made up. 

Why is AliExpress so cheap? – Chinese wholesale

Why is AliExpress so cheap? This is because you order directly from a Chinese wholesaler or manufacturer. There are no more connections such as importers, middlemen or other wholesalers in between. The wages in China are a lot lower, which makes the cost price of products lower than here. But this is just one of the reasons why AliExpress is so cheap. 

why is aliexpress so cheap

Why is AliExpress so cheap – Bulk discount

Another factor in ‘Why is AliExpress so cheap’ is the bulk discount. Besides the standard low prices, you often get even more discount if you order a larger bulk. This is a larger quantity. The product purchase page shows exactly how much discount you will get if you buy more. For example if you buy 10, 1000 or 1000 products. Luckily the minimum quantity is 1 piece. If you resell items this bulk discount can save a lot of money. 

Do a quality check before buying items

Please make sure that you do a quality check yourself in advance, before buying products. Because no matter how cheap AliExpress is, you always want to buy good quality.

The Chinese quality often lags behind the Western quality. But there are plenty of high quality products on AliExpress. Always check product reviews, read product descriptions and check photos. This way you can be sure that you can always find a good quality product for a low price. So don’t be fooled, only buy quality. 

Why is AliExpress so cheap – shipping costs

Another factor that influences the cost price and question ‘Why is AliExpress so cheap’. Are the shipping costs. Because even if you only order a 2 dollar product from AliExpress, it’ll still be shipped for free. Conversely, you’d lose between 20 and 30 dollars with UPS. The low price from China has to do with the agreements made in the UPU (Universal Postal Union). At the time the low tariffs were introduced, China was still a country in development. We have left that time behind us for a long time. The rules changed last year. Since then it has become more expensive to import from China. 

More reasons why AliExpress is so cheap

AliExpress is known for offering products at very low prices. There are more reasons why AliExpress is so cheap: 

  1. Direct from manufacturers: Many of the products on AliExpress are sold directly by manufacturers, which eliminates the need for middlemen and reduces costs.
  2. Low overhead: AliExpress is an online marketplace, which means it has lower overhead costs than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This allows sellers to offer their products at lower prices.
  3. Bulk purchasing: Many sellers on AliExpress purchase their products in bulk, which allows them to negotiate better prices with suppliers and pass those savings on to customers.
  4. International shipping: Shipping costs can be significantly lower when products are shipped directly from China, where many of the sellers on AliExpress are based.

It’s important to note that while AliExpress offers low prices, there may be some tradeoffs in terms of quality or customer service. It’s always a good idea to read reviews and do research before making a purchase on any online marketplace.

why aliexpress cheap

Summary – Why is AliExpress so cheap?

Now you know how it is possible that AliExpress can be so cheap. This has to do with the free shipping, bulk discount and buying directly from the Chinese wholesaler, where wages are a lot lower.

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