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How long is the AliExpress shipping time to my country? This is a common question we get in our inbox. The short and sweet answer is: AliExpress shipping is a maximum of 60 days. However, the longer answer will give you more insight into why this is, including information about AliExpress shipping methods and more.

Why is the AliExpress Shipping Time so Long?

AliExpress direct shipping has multiple steps, and the time it takes for all of these steps to be done is one of the reasons why it can take up to 60 days before your package arrives. Simply packing your package for transport, especially if you have ordered multiple items from the same seller, can take a few days. At this stage your package has not even started its journey!

But don’t think that it’s all dependant on what happens in China, the factors in your own country also play a role with the AliExpress shipping time. Besides the obvious of postal service strikes, bad weather and more, the customs of your country may also decide to hold a package for inspection of value.

Another factor that plays a role is that AliExpress shipping tracking does not always work correctly. This means you can’t always track your packages, and sometimes a package has already been delivered to a postal office or post box, without you even knowing!

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AliExpress Shipping And Your Postal Service

There are more factors that influence the AliExpress shipping time from China. First of all, since they have to come from China, in some cases literally from the other side of the world depending on your country, it’s unreasonable to expect that the package would arrive within 3 days. However sometimes if a package is shipped with air mail it arrives in your country within a week, but then its subject to customs inspection. AliExpress shipping tracking does not always show when this is the case, so the tracker can show that the package is in transit, while it is really at your customs office. Customs can hold your package for a longer time, especially if they do a value inspection, and only after customs releases the package to your local postal service, the tracking will be updated.

Once the package is in the hands of your postal service, there is another big factor that can determine the AliExpress shipping time – the address. It’s very common that buyers do not fill in their address correctly when ordering the product, or that the address is filled in incorrectly. This is especially problematic for remote or smaller villages. A tip from us: fill in your province or region in the field “Other”. It will make it easier for your postal service to find your house and prevent the problem that your package might be sent back because they can’t find the delivery address. Now you know everything that needs to be known about the AliExpress shipping time!

Need Fast Delivery? – AliExpress Direct Shipping

Need to have that package on your doorstep fast? You’ll have different AliExpress shipping methods available when you place your order, sometimes for a surcharge. DHL is one of the options and they deliver quite fast. This way you can reduce the AliExpress shipping times with sometimes weeks!

Whichever AliExpress shipping methods you are thinking about, keep in mind that it’s just an indication. So, this means there is no formal guarantee that the package will be delivered within that time frame. Small packages that fit through mail slots usually arrive faster than big packages. Big packages also tend to be held up at customs longer.

Questions about AliExpress Shipping Time?

Did your package never arrive? Are you waiting for your products for weeks on end? How does customs work exactly? If you have any questions, simply send us an email at info@chinesewebshopping.com. 


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