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A lot of people are looking for reviews. They want to know if the site can be trusted, and the individual sellers on the site too. Luckily the site has a few options to make it as safe as possible for you, such as AliExpress Buyer Protection, reviews, and a few more. We’ll go over some of them in this article, and you’ll also gain some insights about all the external reviews! Reviews – Buyer protection

The one of the first reviews for trustworthiness can be found on the site itself: Buyer Protection. Through this feature the site protects the customer from bad service. If you did not receive your package, or if you are not happy with what you received, you will get a refund. The same applies if the product looks different in real life from the pictures posted online! So definitely make use of this feature, which makes it easier for your pocket and costly for sellers not delivering up to their claims.

aliexpress reviews Reviews – Platforms

There are various platforms where you can find reviews, mostly sites where experiences are exchanged without a presence from AliExpress itself. If you look at the most recent posts and reactions on these sites, you’ll see that the trends are mostly positive. The products are almost always delivered, and if there are any negative points, it usually concerns the quality. Sometimes a product is not at all like their description in the online store, but these cases can be solved with the seller for about 90% of the time. However, there are still a few bad apples out there who ruin it for the rest of the sellers, which leads to negative reviews. Reviews – Foreign Review Sites

If you speak another language, you can also look for foreign reviews. For example, this site, which was originally made for Dutch AliExpress customers looking for answers. However, there are many countries that have active communities of customers from AliExpress, so try looking for Russian, Spanish, or Portuguese reviews if you happen to speak those languages.

On those sites you can see that the opinion about AliExpress varies greatly. It also really depends on the customer and the country they are ordering from. A lot of the stories surround negative reviews of the customer service, or that products do not arrive. But there are a bunch of positive reviews where people are extremely satisfied about the quality and the service they received. This is also highly dependent on the seller. A tip from us: also keep an eye on the amount of people who gave “stars” in a review, not only the total “star” amount! If a particular seller has a 5-star rating, but there were only 3 people who rated him, the rating itself is biased and not something you can rely on 100%. Always try to keep different factors in mind that the reviews are based on when reading them.

Different Sellers, Different Reviews

There are different sellers with their own different reviews. It’s like Amazon or Ebay, where everyone can list their products for sale. That’s why it’s a good thing to check the seller each time you buy. Is this seller reliable? What are his reviews? How many stars does the seller receive, and how many people rated him? Ask yourself these questions so you can judge the reliability and safety of a seller. Reviews – Want to Share Your Own Experience?

We’re really interested to hear your own experiences and reviews. If you send these to our email, we can publish the reviews with your permission, of course. If you don’t have any experience with AliExpress yet, but you’d like to try it out, just follow the next link to visit the webstore!


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