AliExpress login: “My Account”

There are still quite some people who experience problems with their login to AliExpress. “I only have AliExpress login problems!” is one of the things I hear often when I ask people about their experiences. So, in this article I’ll explain how you can login to AliExpress and explain some of the situations and problems that might arise, like a blocked account for example.

How to Login to Aliexpress

The first step to reaching your AliExpress My Account via login is to go to the home page and find the login button. It is a bit hidden in a dropdown-menu under “Account” on the righthand side of the page. There is a little icon of a man next to the “Account” menu. After hovering over “Account” you will see a menu, and the first two buttons are “Join” and “Sign in”. Because this option is quite hard to find, a lot of people have AliExpress login problems. Klick the button “Sign in” and you will get a pop-up form. Or alternatively, you can also click this link to go to the login page. The next step is, obviously, to fill out the form, which requests your account and password.

Account: Your email address or username goes here
Password: Your password goes here

After filling in your details, you click the button “Sign in”. Now another AliExpress login problem might appear, the site may tell you that your account/username does not exist. Then ask yourself the question, do I already have an account to login to AliExpress? If not, then simply sign yourself up by clicking the “Join” button. If you are sure you do, you can request a password reset.

aliexpress login

Logging in to AliExpress “My Account” via Facebook

If you want to login to AliExpress via Facebook, you don’t have to fill in your username or password. This makes things even simpler! Click on the Facebook icon in the popup or login page at the bottom of the screen, below “Quick access with”. After clicking the icon, AliExpress will automatically connect with Facebook and sign you into AliExpress directly. Now you will have access to AliExpress “My Account” and you will be able to search for and order products. If you still encounter AliExpress login problems, please send us an email through However before you do, check out the final section of this article for one of the most common AliExpress login problems.

Logging in to AliExpress “My Account” – Blocked Account

Trying to login to AliExpress but it doesn’t work, because your account is blocked? There are multiple causes of a blocked account. For example, someone might have tried to login to your AliExpress “My Account”. Or maybe you have been trying to login to AliExpress with a slight spelling mistake in your email address or username. Another reason we have heard of is that accounts get blocked when they are accessed from different locations and devices. If you use your laptop at work, your mobile on the train and a tablet at home to login to AliExpress, the site might find it suspicious behaviour.

Fortunately, these AliExpress login problems are quite rare. If they do occur, you can solve the problem by requesting a reset procedure. You’ll receive an email to create a recovery password, and your old login will be blocked. But you’ll be able to login to AliExpress again with your new password. A tip from us: when you are creating your AliExpress account, make sure you also give your mobile phone number. This way you can also recover your account through your mobile phone number. As always, if you’re experiencing AliExpress login problems or have any questions, you can always email us!


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