AliExpress vs BangGood

In this blog a comparison is made between ordering on AliExpress vs BangGood.

Ordering on AliExpress and BangGood

AliExpress vs. BangGood. They both focus on selling products for the lowest possible price. BangGood also has an extra service. If you see the same product cheaper on another website, BangGood will lower the price. If you make such a request you will receive points on your account. This way you can save for discounts again.

Note that it is very difficult to find the same products. Often they have a different name and product description and it is searching for a needle in a haystack.

So we are going to compare some points between AliExpress vs BangGood (Payment, shipping, shipping time, coupons, etc)

AliExpress vs BangGood – Paying

Next thing to compare is paying on AliExpress vs BangGood. On both platforms it is possible to pay with the same methods. There are no big differences in the number of payment methods. You can pay in any shop with all known options.

aliexpress vs banggood

AliExpress vs BangGood – Shipping

One of the most important things with online shopping is shipping. If we look at the comparison AliExpress vs BangGood, Ali wins. BangGood doesn’t have a standard number to track. This has to be ordered additionally to the standard shipping method for 1 euro and 19 cent. It is also possible to buy insurance for your shipment. For this you pay 16 cent. In short, for cheap products there is another 1 euro 35 if you want a tracking number and want an insurance. At AliExpress this tracking number is included as standard.

Shipping time AliExpress vs BangGood

– In terms of shipping time, with BangGood it takes 7-20 days for standard free shipping.

There are also paid shipping methods whereby the faster the delivery, the higher the costs. The costs for shipping on AliExpress are significantly lower if you choose for faster shipping. On this part of the comparison AliExpress vs BangGood, Ali wins.

AliExpress vs BangGood – Coupons

At both shops it is possible to exchange coupons for product discounts.

AliExpress vs BangGood – Final verdict

If we compare both shops – AliExpress vs BangGood, we can say that BangGood is a reasonable webshop with a good offer and service. A good look alike from AliExpress. On a few aspects AliExpress does a bit better (warranty, shipping costs, speed of shipping, range of products).

So you can definitely take a look at BangGood, but in the end we think AliExpress is the best platform to order products.

AliExpress vs BangGood > final verdict > AliExpress

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