AliExpress Payment With PayPal

Does AliExpress accept PayPal? Or, can you pay with PayPal on AliExpress? Yes, you can! AliExpress added PayPal as a payment method, just a few months ago. This means that you too can make an easy AliExpress payment with PayPal for your products of choice.

AliExpress And PayPal – Partners Since July 2017

Even though you are reading about AliExpress and Paypal in 2021, the two companies have been partners since July 2017. On the AliExpress platform, PayPal helps the sellers to accept payments through them. This cooperation might have seemed skewed in the favour of PayPal, since AliExpress has its own payment method called AliPay, which might seem a competitor at first glance. However, the cooperation was established because PayPal can bring 190 million users in more than 200 customers to the table. Due to this, AliExpress hopes to entice the users to make AliExpress payments with PayPal, because it’s so easy to use.

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AliExpress And PayPal as Cooperation Partners

AliExpress would like to increase the fame of PayPal on the Chinese market, because at this point the market share is quite small. By AliExpress accepting PayPal, they hope to increase extra revenue, and by helping the product become even more known, the reliability will increase too. A good example of this is the previous cooperation of PayPal with Google. Due to this cooperation, Google could pull in an extra 16 million advertisers who were already using this payment method. The future will bring more of these cooperations; online shopping is still a growing market and AliExpress and PayPal have high ambitions in this sector. AliExpress would like to be bigger than Amazon for example, so paying on AliExpress with PayPal is just a step in this direction.

How to make AliExpress payments with PayPal

So how do you pay on AliExpress with PayPal? The first step is to only add items to your shopping cart that display the PayPal logo next to them. These are the only items where the seller accepts AliExpress payment with PayPal. This means not all items or sellers accept PayPal, this varies per seller.

The second step is on the page of the item that you want to buy: you can either add the item to your shopping cart or use the button “Buy now”. After choosing all your products, you’ll be redirected to the shopping cart to proceed to pay on AliExpress with PayPal.

The third step is to place your order by clicking the button “Buy from this seller”. After this you’ll have the option to make your AliExpress payment with PayPal. Remember: this is only possible with items in your shopping cart with this option available! If the item does not have a PayPal logo, simply remove it from your shopping cart.

You’ll automatically be redirected to the PayPal login, where you will do the final step to pay on AliExpress with PayPal. Login to your PayPal account and confirm the payment. The confirmation will be sent to the seller within 24 hours. You’ll also receive an email on your account for your AliExpress payment with PayPal. All your communications and payments are automatically stored in your inbox.

More Questions About Paying on AliExpress With PayPal?

We’ve listed all the steps for AliExpress payments with PayPal above, but sometimes things still might be unclear. If this is the case, feel free to send an email to Besides PayPal, there are several other payment methods like Credit Card, Web Money and Wire Transfers. We have written blogs about some of these payment methods, so just follow the links!


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