How to Contact AliExpress Customer Service

Which options are available to you as a buyer? Does AliExpress customer service have a chat? Can you email AliExpress customer service? Read on to learn more about your options, and their limitations, to make sure you know exactly what to do if you need support!

AliExpress Customer Service Chat

If you’re wondering how to contact AliExpress customer service fast, you can login to your account. Unfortunately, there is no AliExpress customer service number, but you can chat with them. You’ll find “Customer Service” under the tab “Help” in the menu at the top of the screen. If you click it, it will redirect you to a FAQ screen where you can find answers to most of the common questions, but if you want AliExpress customer service chat, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a little button “Chat Now”. A customer support agent will be ready to help you with your problem.

DIY AliExpress Customer Service – Email / Chat? 

Package did not arrive? Instead of trying to email AliExpress customer service, you can also try to solve problem with your order through the tools on the website. First keep in mind that your order has to come from China, and it has to pass your country’s customs. This means it can take up to 60 days before your package arrives on your doorstep. You’ll have an overview of which packages have been delivered and which haven’t in your account menu, under “My Orders”, and then “Awaiting delivery”. If your package has not arrived yet and is still in the “Awaiting delivery” queue, try this before you use the AliExpress customer service chat:

1: Go to “My AliExpress” in the profile menu on top (icon of a man). Once there, choose “My shipping Address” under “Shortcuts”.
2: Check if your address is filled in correctly, if not, change it immediately!
3: Go back to the overview of your orders
4: Open a dispute for the products you haven’t received yet
5: Follow the instructions for the next steps.

You can contact the AliExpress customer service chat if your order has not arrived complete, or if there are any products missing. You cann’t contact them by mail. 

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How to Contact AliExpress Customer Service – Incomplete Package

Sometimes you do finally receive your package, and open it eagerly, only to see that there are pieces or parts missing! You can contact AliExpress customer service chat and get it resolved, or you can follow the next steps to solve it yourself:

1: Go to “My Orders” in the profile menu on top (icon of a man).
2: Find your delivered, but incomplete order in the list of orders you’ve made
3: You’ll find a yellow envelope with “Contact Seller” written next to it, in the information box above the products that you ordered.
4: If you click the envelope, you will be redirected to a message screen, where you can type your message and ask the seller to send the missing parts or pieces to you

Question: Is There an AliExpress Customer Service Number or Hotline for my Country?

We get this question a lot: How do I contact the AliExpress of my country? Well, you can’t. AliExpress does not have any divisions in the UK or USA, so you can’t call them for support, or email the AliExpress customer service of your country.

My Postal Service Sent Back my Package!

Normally your postal service provides tracking for your packages, however it can happen that there are problems with the delivery. Sometimes your postal service does not let you know that the package is at their station, or that the package is at a pick-up point. Instead of contacting the AliExpress customer service chat, contact your postal service customer service hotline if your package has not arrived yet, but the tracking says it is in your country.

Aliexpress Customer Service Number

Nowadays a lot of people expect to be able to call an AliExpress customer service number for help. Unfortunately, there is no hotline that you can call for support, the only option is the AliExpress customer service chat. Your options for customer service are limited to contacting the seller or opening a dispute if you are not happy with your delivery. Even though these limitations exist, it should not be a problem to get help for your issue, the sellers are usually very accommodating. If you still have questions regarding how to contact AliExpress customer service, simply send an email to We’re happy to help you with any questions or issues!


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