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AliExpress has thousands of products on their webstore for bargain prices, and sometimes it looks too good to be true. Even though AliExpress sellers have to maintain high standards, people still often associate China with fake and knock-off. So how can you distinguish the real from the fake AliExpress brands?

99% of the time, your package arrives and you’re happy with the content and quality of your AliExpress top brands. But there will always be that 1% of the time where things don’t work out that easily. Thankfully you can get your money back quite easily. How you do that, and how you can find the best AliExpress brands will be explained in this blog.

Not Happy About Your AliExpress Brands?

If you’re not satisfied about your AliExpress brands, or the products on AliExpress, there are a few options to get your money back. AliExpress has a very rigorous reputation system, and that system determines how high the sellers are placed in the search results. That’s why a seller will do everything possible to keep you as a buyer happy.

Sellers who lie may make a short term profit, but in the long term these sellers will be weeded out by the best AliExpress brands. So keep the following in mind if you are buying AliExpress brands: the seller only receives his money if you have received the product, and you are happy with it.

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AliExpress Brand Finder – Use Common Sense

Sellers of AliExpress brands can’t just take your money and leave. So if a seller claims that the product you’re buying is an original, this will be true 99% of the time. However, if you are still deceived by some AliExpress brands you ordered, you will eventually get your money back.

However it’s a good idea to use common sense when you search, select and buy AliExpress brands. It’s just not possible to find a gold ring for 5 dollars, or a branded pair of jeans for 2£. Always stay in contact with the seller if your AliExpress brands somehow don’t fit the bill; in the worst case you can always open a dispute.

AliExpress Brands – The Reputation System

If you want to buy top AliExpress brands, the reputation system is one way to make sure you’ll find what you want. Knock-off from products will have worse quality than the original brands, so buy from a seller with a high rating. AliExpress has a reputation system based on medals, diamonds and crowns. Choose a seller that has a high number of these achievements. If you think the seller is a bit too expensive, or if you can’t find any sellers with high ratings for your AliExpress brands, try going a bit lower in the ratings.

A small tip from us: it’s quite hard to get diamonds as a seller. So we can safely recommend these sellers of AliExpress brands as safe. And keep in mind: if you buy something and you don’t receive it, you’ll simply get your money back.

Hidden AliExpress Brands

Many clothing brands on AliExpress are hidden behind acronyms of famous brands. The sellers often do not have the license to sell the AliExpress brands or the branded clothing, or they are selling fake products under different names. Concerning knockoffs or fakes, our advice is simple: just don’t buy them.
If you however want to find the real brands, you can try looking for acronyms or the name without vowels. Usually you’ll find branded AliExpress brands for much lower prices than in your own country. If you have questions about selecting or safely ordering products on AliExpress, feel free to email to 

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