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Since a few months Klarna is a new payment option on AliExpress. The big advantage of this payment option is that you don’t have to pay until you have received your order. This is made possible by the cooperation between Klarna from Sweden and the Chinese platform AliExpress. Especially among young people this is a popular method of payment.

In this blog we will tell you all about the steps you need to take to pay with Klarna, what the pros and cons are and how Klarna is growing through Europe.

Shopping on AliExpress with Klarna

Before Klarna existed it was normal to shop on AliExpress in this way:

  1. You visit the website, order a product and pay immediately
  2. You wait a few days until the product arrives
  3. Not satisfied with the product? You should send it back
  4. After a few days you’ll get your money back

With Klarna, shopping on AliExpress has changed:

  1. You visit the website, order a product and choose the payment method Klarna.
  2. The product arrives.
  3. You have up to 14 days after shipping to pay AliExpress with Klarna. If the package is not there in this time, you can pause the payment process.

Risks of paying on AliExpress with Klarna

Of course there are some risks of choosing Klarna on AliExpress. Actually, you go into debt, because you pay later. You take a (small) risk here. You don’t know what your bank balance will look like in 14 days. Maybe there will be unforeseen costs. Well, the products on AliExpress are usually very cheap and you will lose an average of 20 Euro. For most people this is quite manageable. Are you going to order something of 100 Euro or more, then it is of course a different story.

So keep this risk in mind if you want to order something on AliExpress and want to pay with Klarna.

Aliexpress klarna

Benefits of paying with Klarna on AliExpress

The advantage of paying with Klarna on AliExpress is that you only have to pay once you have received the product. If the product doesn’t arrive, you have no costs and you don’t have any administrative hassle (which you would have in the past to get your money back). In addition, you can first test the product at home and see for yourself before you make any expenses. If the product on arrival differs a lot from the product on the website, you can return it without making any costs.

About Klarna

Klarna has an official licence from the bank and is also subject to supervision by Sweden. In the Netherlands more than 8000 webshops work with Klarna, including several major players. These webshops often have positive experiences with the use of Klarna.

Paying on AliExpress with Klarna throughout Europe

Not only in the Netherlands can you pay with Klarna on AliExpress. This is also possible in other European countries, namely Austria, Finland and Germany. More countries will follow. The technology behind Klarna supports Ayden, the payment provider of AliExpress.

Questions regarding Klarna on AliExpress?

Do you have any questions concerning the payment method Klarna on AliExpress? Mail to Do you want to shop on AliExpress and pay with Klarna? Then go to AliExpress, select a product and select Klarna as payment method.

About the author

Lily Chen is a passionate and experienced online shopper with a deep love for exploring the world of Chinese e-commerce. She's been navigating the ins and outs of platforms like AliExpress for over a decade and has honed her skills in finding the best deals, hidden gems, and innovative shopping strategies.