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The AliExpress shopping app is full of all sorts of possibilities that the normal webstore doesn’t offer. Want to know which features the AliExpress app has? Read this article! If you haven’t got the AliExpress app for Android yet, click here. Or this link for the iPhone AliExpress app download.

AliExpress App Sale

The AliExpress app offers app only discounts that are not available on the webstore. That means that you’ll quickly fill up your shopping cart with gadgets! And since it’s been the trend for the last years to order from your couch, the AliExpress mobile app lets you do exactly this. With just a few taps you’ve made your order, and a few weeks later your package is on your doorstep. And of course, for a fraction of the price of normal brick-and-mortar stores.

The only real downside to the AliExpress app is that you can’t contact the customer service through the AliExpress app for Android or iPhone. But you’ll still be able to do that through the normal website.

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AliExpress Shopping App: Extra Features

There are some nifty features that the AliExpress mobile App offers that are not on the website. For example, you can easily check your settings and current listed address – the navigation of the AliExpress app is user friendlier than the website. It’s also easier to track your orders, you’ll receive a push notification on your phone for shipping, arrival in your country, and delivery to your address. So you’ll always know immediately what the status is of your orders. With a tap on the tracking number on the orders screen in the

One feature you won’t find on the website, and only on the AliExpress mobile app is the ability to play games for coupons – so you have a way of making your next order even cheaper! But the most important thing is of course that you can go totally crazy with the AliExpress app, it’s full of toys, clothes, electronics, gadgets and more. When you open the AliExpress app for the first time it might seem as if there is a lack of overview, but you’ll quickly learn to navigate. And once you learn that, you’ll fill your AliExpress mobile app shopping cart in no time!

Delivery Time AliExpress App for UK or US

For some reason the delivery time on the AliExpress app is a bit longer than we’re normally used to, in comparison to the orders from the website. It can take up to 6 weeks or even two months before a package arrives. But frankly we don’t have much issue with this, seeing as the AliExpress mobile app makes up for it in special app discounts and the ability to get more discount coupons.

Need More Info About the AliExpress Mobile App?

If you’re lost in the navigation of the AliExpress app, or if you simply have other questions, just send us an email via You’ll have an answer within a day usually, whether your question concerns the AliExpress mobile app or the website!


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