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How to generate an invoice (receipt) on AliExpress? We will give you the detailed answer and a step-by-step plan in this blog.

Question about AliExpress invoice

Recently I got the following question on the e-mail about generating an AliExpress invoice:

”Hi, I have the following question. How can I get the invoices for the items I dropship from AliExpress? The receipts are not for my clients, I need them so I can pay taxes. In short, for administrative purposes.

After ordering on AliExpress you will not receive a receipt, a bill or an invoice by default. There are a few steps needed to download the invoice for your company or invoice as a private person.

aliexpress invoice

Answer to the question about generating receipts on AliExpress:

To address this issue and generate an invoice, you can do what most dropshippers do, go to Here you can generate copies of your previous and recent orders and save a copy in PDF-form, or just print them, all with just one click! So you can sign up for free on this website and then download the Chrome extension. Next, you have to fill in some details of your company, which you have to mention on your invoice.

The final steps for AliExpress invoice generation

After you have set everything up, just log into your AliExpress account and when you go to the order page you will see that there is a new button with the text ‘Download order data’. Click on it and a copy of the AliExpress bill, receipt or invoice will be saved.

In short, there are still some steps you need to take to download the invoice. Fortunately, once the tool is set up it takes a few seconds each time to generate your AliExpress invoice.

Questions about printing an AliExpress receipt?

If you are unable to generate a receipt for AliExpress, please send an email to If you have found other ways to generate an AliExpress invoice, please let us know. Then I can add your method to this article.


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