The Return Policy of AliExpress

What’s the AliExpress return policy? It’s a frequently asked question, so we’ve written this blog about all the things surrounding the return policy of AliExpress.

What if you received a product after ordering, and you are not satisfied at all? Unfortunately mistakes happen, but what to do if there are pieces missing, or if the colours are different than the product description? Or what if the product is not working at all? Sometimes the problem is not even the product itself, sometimes the product doesn’t arrive, or the wrong product was sent. How does that fit in the AliExpress return policy? However, there are solution for all these situations!

AliExpress Return Policy: Sending Products Back

So what happens if you want to send a product back? The sellers can decide their own AliExpress return policy, so you’ll have to solve it with the seller of the product. You can reach out to them to ask for your money back, or to send the product back, or even to replace the product. If for some reason the seller is not forthcoming, you can always ask AliExpress directly. Based on all the evidence and the return policy of AliExpress, a decision will be made.

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AliExpress Return Policy: Disputes and Refunds

If you’re not really set on returning the faulty product via the AliExpress return policy, we’d advise you to contact the seller. Try to reason with the seller and settle on something that works for both of you. If this really doesn’t work, you can always open a dispute based on the AliExpress return policy. AliExpress itself will then take care of the problem.

You can open a dispute after the seller has shipped the item or if the item has not been delivered 60 days after shipping from the seller. You’ll need to attach proof of your dissatisfaction (pictures of a broken product for example), but if you haven’t received anything, you don’t have to upload anything. The seller then has 15 days to respond and reach an agreement with you, as written in the seller’s return policy on AliExpress. If the seller does not respond, you can file a claim from the dispute, and get your money back.

AliExpress Return Policy: Returns

Ok, but what if you really want to send the product back, as per the AliExpress return policy of the seller? Well, firstly you’ll have to contact the seller, of course. You’ll have to discuss the details of returning the products, because these are different per seller, product and circumstance. Would you like a completely new replacement product? Do you just want your money back? Or do you really not even want to have the product at all? If you can’t reach an agreement based on the AliExpress return policy of the seller, then you can simply bring the package to your post office and send it back.

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AliExpress Return Policy: Return Shipping Fees

Unfortunately, you usually have to pay the return shipping fees yourself if you are sending the product back. And the shipping fees can be quite high if the package has to go to Asia. So if you have received faulty, but relatively cheap products, we recommend not sending the products back but asking for a refund, via the AliExpress return policy page. Otherwise you’ll end up paying more for the return shipping than the what you would get as a refund!

AliExpress Return Policy: Step by Step

Let’s recap what you’ll need to do if you want a refund/return on AliExpress:

Step 1: Check if the seller accepts returns in their AliExpress return policy. You can find these details on the product page and the information page about the seller.

Step 2: Contact the seller and ask them about their return policy on AliExpress. You can start the return procedure from here by opening a dispute. You’ll have to answer some questions and add some proof. Then the seller has to respond to the request.

Step 3: Either accept the refund, or send the product back to the seller

After the seller has agreed to abide by their AliExpress return policy, you’ll receive an address to ship the package to. You’ll only have 10 days for this, so don’t wait too long! After shipping it, you pass on the track and trace number in your account (by clicking “add tracking details”). As soon as the seller has the product, you’ll receive your refund.

If you still have any questions about the AliExpress return policy, simply send an email to


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