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We’ve written a lot about AliExpress on this website, and maybe you’ve heard and read a lot about the webstore on your own. But how is the AliExpress experience? Do the reviews really do it justice? In this blog we’ll give you 2 useful links to sites where people talk about their AliExpress experience, and we’ll give some of our own AliExpress dispute experience.

Our Own AliExpress Experience

Let’s start with our own AliExpress experience. They say write what you know, and the reason why we write about AliExpress is because we order lots of products through the webstore. First of all, the quality vs price comparison is amazing. Let’s face it, the quality is obviously going to be lower than what we’re used to in our own countries, but the prices are much lower. So in all, the price off sets the reduction in quality. In our AliExpress experience, there are however some products that are equal in quality, but simply much cheaper.

Let’s not forget that there are many retailers in your home country that order from Chinese sellers too. Let’s take the example of wooden toothpicks. In our country we would pay at least twice as much for these at the retailer than on the AliExpress store. And they usually come from the same factory! There are more of these examples, especially the things you buy in bulk. So our AliExpress experience is that some things really are the same, except for the price. And this is exactly why we buy from AliExpress.

Aliexpress experience

AliExpress Dispute Experience – Lost Packages?

One of the things that makes many people hesitant to buy from AliExpress is the fact that the packages take a long time to arrive. This means there is more time for things to go wrong, right? However, our own AliExpress experience is that in 99% of the time, the packages arrive. Sure, it takes a while, but actually it’s kind of fun to receive your package in the mailbox when you least expect it. Sometimes we’ve even forgotten we’ve ordered something, which adds a little mystery to the AliExpress experience!

In the rare instance that a package does fail to arrive, our AliExpress dispute experience is quite pleasant. We’ve gotten a refund through the dispute system and ordered the same product again. All in all, it’s a very reliable system. In short, our AliExpress experience is excellent!

AliExpress Experience From Other Buyers

There are quite some review sites out there where buyers can share their AliExpress experience. We’ve picked two sites below, but you’ll definitely find more with Google:

As you can see, the AliExpress experience varies from person to person. Most are raving reviews, but there are some people who are disappointed in terms of quality, which is something we always state up front: you can’t expect top quality for bottom prices! There are however some interesting reviews about AliExpress dispute experiences, and these are usually concerning bad sellers. Keep in mind though, that people will rather write a bad review if they are wronged, than a good one when they are happy!

Want to Share Your Own AliExpress Experience?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make your own AliExpress experience as great as possible. We’ve written numerous blogs about how to spot the best quality products, and other tips and tricks to make sure you get value for your money. But we’re still very interested in your AliExpress experience. We’ve received lots of emails with questions like:

  • Gel nail polish: What’s is the quality of the polish?
  • Diamond painting: Do you recommend any diamond painting sellers with good quality products?
  • Lego: Do the Lego pieces “fit” to the branded Lego pieces, or are they knockoffs?
  • Eczema cremes: Do the Chinese eczema cremes help, or is it snake oil?
  • Fitbits: Are the Fitbits accurate?
  • Dresses: Are the colors on the pictures accurate for dresses on AliExpress?
  • Make up: What’s the quality like for Chinese make up? Are there bad ingredients?
  • Psoriasis cremes: Do they really work? Are they better or worse than the ones in my country?

If you’d like to share your AliExpress experience with us, or just simply ask questions like the ones above, simply send an email to If you give us permission, we’d like to share your AliExpress (dispute) experience below, either in general or for specific products, so we can help more people get the best value for their money on AliExpress!

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