AliExpress Automatically Cancelled My Order

Oh dear, AliExpress automatically cancelled your order? And you have no idea what that means? Don’t worry, we get heaps of emails from people with this very question. What to do when a seller on AliExpress cancels an order? And why did this happen? The usual reason is that the product is simply out of stock. The seller made a mistake and forgot to take down the product. Oops. So what can you do? When the seller on AliExpress cancels your order, money back is the way to go. Open a dispute by contacting the seller.

AliExpress: You Cancel the Order, So Refund Me!

If the seller on AliExpress cancels your order after payment, the first thing to do is to message them. Include the order number in your message and ask if the product is still available. If the seller doesn’t have any product left in stock, simply ask for a refund by opening a dispute. This is the fastest way to solve the problem.

aliexpress cancel order

Seller on AliExpress Cancels Order: Address?

If a seller on AliExpress cancels your order before shipment, but after payment, and after you’ve seen that there is enough product left in stock, the reason could simply be that your address is not correct. Go to your account settings and check if the address you’ve filled in is still accurate. The most important things to check are the city and the street number. Most of the time people make mistakes in these fields (they forget to fill them in or fill them in wrong!). If the seller on AliExpress cancels your order and you still can’t find out why, you can also send an email to

Seller on AliExpress Cancels Order: Payment?

There is one final reason why the seller on AliExpress cancels your order: a mistake during the payment process. To make sure that all your products have been paid for, head over to the “My orders” page and check the status. If your order has a tracking link, it’s not a payment issue: something else went wrong. However, if there was a payment issue, it will be stated on the “My orders” page. So now you know if payment was the reason the seller on AliExpress automatically cancelled your order! In this case, simply contact the seller to find a solution for the problem.

These are the three primary reasons why a seller on AliExpress cancels your order. So next time this happens to you, check all three things: payment status, address, and if the product is in stock. And make sure to open a dispute in time, so you can communicate with the seller on AliExpress who cancelled your order, for your money back.


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